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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adventures of Philip Marlowe (OTRR Certified)


THE ADVENTURES OF PHILIP MARLOWE - NBC produced Phillip Marlowe as a summer replacement series for the Bob Hope Show. It featured several adaptations of Chandler short stories, but was considered too talky and slow-moving. Erle Stanley Gardner, in a letter to Chandler, confided he found it all rather difficult to follow. But the CBS series, THE ADVENTURES OF PHILIP MARLOWE, that followed the next year, really clicked. After a three episode trial run on THE PEPSODENT PROGRAM in September of 1947 with Van Hefflin in the title role, THE ADVENTURES OF PHILIP MARLOWE premiered as a weekly series on September 26, 1948. It was well-produced, less introspective than the books or the previous series on NBC, but it had a secret weapon. Gerald Mohr excelled as Marlowe, and his snappy delivery, coupled with well-written stories and intriguing characters makes for entertaining listening. By 1949 the show was pulling the biggest audience on American radio, with a rating of 10.3 million listeners.In 1950, Radio and Television Life Magazine named Gerald Mohr as the Best Male Actor on radio. "And it had the best hard-boiled opening lines of any radio detectives series," according to faithful contributor and OTR fan Stewart Wright. "It has to be heard to be fully appreciated... (from Thrilling Detective)
"Get this and get it straight! Crime is a sucker's road and those who travel it wind up in the gutter, the prison or the grave. There's no other way, but they never learn."






  1. can i download any films like gone with the wind 1939 movie.i believe youhave it .or any other movie around that time please

  2. also is it possible to have it all in english please

  3. can i download my audio or video programs i have chosen to my youtube or my media player thank you

  4. I'm having problems with the new player. It frequently cuts in and out during playback of audio and freezes after playing one program,making it necessary to close and reload the page.



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