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Monday, September 28, 2009



Earplay was the longest-running of the formal series of radio drama anthologies on National Public Radio, heard from 1972 into the 1990s. It approached radio drama as an art form with scripts written by such leading playwrights as Edward Albee, Arthur Kopit, Archibald MacLeish and David Mamet.

Airing in stereo, Earplay provided a showcase for original and adapted work. Eventually, the less-sustained successor series NPR Playhouse drew episodes from the Earplay run. Often presented by NPR member stations on a weekly basis, Earplay episodes were produced with much attention to recording technique and sound-effects.

In 1975, it scored a triumph with Listening, an original play written by Edward Albee for stereo radio, employing one speaker for one character and another speaker for another character. Since both characters are seated in a room, the illusion is created that they are in the same room as the listener. After its premiere on radio, Listening was later performed on stage.


  1. Hi!
    There are a few errors here, which seem to affect every copy of this series:

    is actually a mistitled copy of "Chinaman's Chance" from the same series.

    is actually part One of this two-parter; the rea; part two is apparently missing or lost.

    Thought you might like to know.

    Anson (Bob) Roberts

  2. I heard Peg Lynch (Ethel and Albert, Couple Next Door) contributed to Earplay. Does anyone know about this and if so where can I download/purchase the episode(s)?


  3. Ethel and Albert ran on Earplay for the month of 2/73. I read somewhere that University of Oregon has reel to reel copies.

  4. Does anyone know where or how I can obtain a copy of the original radio script of "Wings"? Please advise and thanks!

  5. The cut labeled Judgement Part 2 is actually Judgement Part 1

    The cut labeled Chinaman's Chance is actually Judgement Part 2

    The cut labeled Judgement Part 1 is actually Chinaman's Chance



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