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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Guilty Party (BBC)

"Guilty Party" is a problem in Crime detection in which you are invited to match your wits with a panel of experts - John Arlott, F.R. Buckley and Robert Fabian. So began a typical episode of the long running panel show. It was written by Edward J. Mason and produced by Tony Shryane.

The shows started with a dramatised crime play, the panel then decided on a line of investigation and cross examined the suspects, who gave unscripted answers to their questions. This cross examination should then lead the panel to the Guilty Party!

Hosiprog (Free Radio Drama)

Free Radio Drama

Hosiprog was founded by the late Dennis Rookard to create and provide drama and features for hospital radio, audio magazines for the blind and community radio stations.

      “The bells gave tongue; Gaude, Sabaoth, John, Jericho, Jubilee, Dimity, Batty Thomas and Tailor Paul, rioting and exulting high up in the dark tower, wide mouths rising and falling, brazen tongues clamouring, huge wheels turning to the dance of the leaping ropes.
      “Tin tan din dan bim bam bom bo – tan tin din dan bam bim bo bom – tin tan dan din bim bam bom bo – tan tin dan din bam bim bo – bom – tan dan tin bam din bo bim – bom – every bell in her place striking tuneably, hunting up, hunting down, dodging, snapping, laying her blows behind, making her thirds and fourths, working down to lead the dance again.
      “Out over the flat white wastes of fen, over the spear-straight, steel-dark dykes and the wind-bent, groaning poplar trees, bursting from the snow-choked louvres of the belfry, whirled away southward and westward in gusty blasts of clamour to the sleeping counties went the music of the bells – little Gaude, silver Sabaoth, strong John and Jericho, glad Jubilee, sweet Dimity and old Batty Thomas, with great Tailor Paul bawling and striding like a giant in the midst of them.”
      [from “The Nine Tailors” by Dorothy L Sayers]
      We devised this programme - twenty-five minutes of words and music inspired by English church bells - for Chelmsford Folk Club in the late 1970s. The recording - made separately, without an audience - was made by Dennis Rookard for the Essex Radio folk programme.
      We apologise for the variable sound quality.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


Anthony "Buck" Rogers is a fictional character who first appeared in 1928 as Anthony Rogers, the hero of two novellas by Philip Francis Nowlan published in the magazine Amazing Stories. Rogers is best known from the long-running syndicated newspaper comic strip. He also appeared in a movie serial, a television series (where his first name was changed from Anthony to William) as well as many other formats.

The adventures of Buck Rogers comic strips, movies, radio and television became an important part of American pop culture. This pop phenomenon paralleled the development of space technology in the 20th Century and introduced Americans to outer space as a familiar environment for swashbuckling adventure.

Buck Rogers has been credited with bringing into popular media the concept of space exploration, following in the footsteps of literary pioneers such as Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs (John Carter of Mars).

In 1932, the Buck Rogers radio program, notable as the first science fiction show on radio, hit the airwaves. It was broadcast four times a week for 15 years, from 1932 through 1947.

The radio show again related the story of our hero Buck finding himself in the 25th Century. Actors Matt Crowley, Curtis Arnall, Carl Frank and John Larkin all voiced him at various times. The beautiful and strong-willed Wilma Deering was portrayed by Adele Ronson, and the brilliant scientist-inventor Dr. Huer was played by Edgar Stehli.

The radio series was produced and directed by Carlo De Angelo and later by Jack Johnstone. In 1988, Johnstone recalled how he worked with the sound effects of Ora Nichols to produce the sound of the rockets by using an air-conditioning vent.


Creaking Door, The (SA)


The Creaking Door was an old-time radio series of horror and suspense shows originating in South Africa. There are at present anywhere from 34-37 extant episodes in MP3 circulation, yet no currently available program logs for the series indicate the year of the series' broadcast (though it was likely sometime in the 1950s, given the generally high audio quality of the available shows), or the total number of episodes, and only a handful of them are known by their broadcast order. The stories are thrillers in the Inner Sanctum vein, and generally thought of favorably by most fans of OTR.



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