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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Smiley Burnette Show, The (OTRR Certified)


Smiley Burnette hosted his own radio show called "The Smiley Burnette Show". It was recorded on large transcription records, which were used in the same manner we use cassette tapes and CD's today. The transcription records were sent to the radio stations to be placed on the airwaves. Smiley produced and transcribed his radio show under the "RadiOzark" recording label.

Smiley Burnett, "the clown prince of Western pictures," throws out jokes and Western music like a real pro in this rare Western radio show. Smiley was the first Western movie musical side-kick. Although a great composer and musical genius (he could play over 105 instruments), he is best known as the sidekick to such greats as Gene Autry, Charles Starrett, Roy Rogers, and Sunset Carson.

However, he hadn't even been in the West when he wrote his first cowboy composition, "The Round-up in Cheyenne," for Gene Autry's recording in 1934. After an inspirational drive through New Mexico and Arizona on his way to LA, Smiley fell in love with the West and went on to write almost all of Gene Autry's movie songs. Smiley performed in many Western movies and was a guest on various Western radio show, such as National Barn Dance.

With all of his fame and several million dollars of fortune, Smiley continued to be a down-to-earth simple man. He loved to cook (although he hated spinach and watermelon). He owned a drive-in chain, "The Checkered Shirt," and lived with his wife in a San Fernando trailer park. (From the Old Time Radio Research Group)
Smiley Burnette Official Web Site



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