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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stand By for Crime (OTRR Certified)


This show, from the early 1950s, is a good example of the true story style of delivery made popular in radio's classic crime shows Gangbusters and Mr. District Attorney. Of course, the best and most popular of the true crime shows was Dragnet -- the monotone, "just the facts" style demanded by Jack Webb in the show made two points at once: first, that the show wasn't a typical melodramatic crime show, as had been on radio since "the good old days", and more importantly, that we were along for the ride on another day at the office -- in this case, a policeman's “day at the office".

Not a true crime show, as this is drama, but this show features Chuck Morgan, as played by Glen Langen, a very believable news anchor at KOP, a Los Angeles radio station. He is pals with Lieutenant Bill Miggs of the police force, who tips him off to hot crime news. Also in on the capers is Morgan's "Gal Friday", Carol Curtis, played by Adele Jurgens. The three meet all types -- mostly on the shady side of the street.

In real life, Glen and Adele were husband and wife, the two marrying in 1949. They had met on the movie set of The Treasure of Monte Cristo. On the show, the repartee between the two is strictly old school and quite enjoyable. The dialogue is solid and makes the most of the plots. Unheralded and left for dead, Stand By for Crime is well worth your time.
(From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group)

1 comment:

  1. Stand by for Crime was produced by a syndicate of 4 producers which included Grace Gibson from Australia and was 52 episodes not 26.

    The series was considered a flop and only 26 episodes were made in the U.S. Glen Langen was then flown to Australia and with an Australian cast made the balance of episodes to complete the 52 episode series. The scripts 27 - 52 were considerably rewritten and they still had issues with Glen Langen's inability to sight read the scripts.

    Grace Gibson was on the aircraft to Australia with Glen Langen and brought the first 26 episodes on 16" discs under her arm, to Australia. She was later 'dobbed in' by a radio station manager who lost the opportunity to broadcast the series to a rival station. Grace was then fined for illegally importing the discs. A nice piece of trivia from Reg James who was given a rap on the knuckles for trying to cover for Grace at the time.



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