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Monday, January 18, 2010

Teahouse Detective, The (BBC)


Teahouse Detective was broadcast on BBC Radio 4, starring Bernard Hepton as The Man in the Corner and Suzanne Burdon as journalist Polly Burton. The stories in the series were adapted for radio by Michael Butt and included:


* The York Murder
* The Metropolitan Line Murder (The Mysterious Death on the Underground Railway)
* The Body in the Barge (The Fenchurch Street Mystery)
* The De Genneville Peerage


* The Dublin Mystery
* The Edinburgh Mystery
* The Brighton Mystery
* The London Mystery (The Regent's Park Murder)

Recorded From Radio Broadcast

Download:   Teahouse Detective, The.zip 

Eight stories, in two series of four, featuring Suzanne Burden, Bernard Hepton, Jessica Turner
and Jonathan Tafler. Director: John Taylor.

01 The Metropolitan Line Murder (44:30)

Journalist Polly Burton seeks the help of an enigmatic old customer at the ABC teahouse,
on The Strand.

02 The York Mystery (43:55)

In a London ABC Cornerhouse in the twenties, few would guess that the ragged old man sitting over
a cup of warm tea and a doughnut is Britain's most astute detective, or that he is on the
brink of solving the country's most scandalous and intriguing murder mystery.

03 The Body in the Barge (44:33)

When a rotting body is found on a potato barge on the Thames, a blackmail victim appears to
have the motive - but the truth is more complex and sinister.

04 The de Genneville Peerage (44:32)

Polly is shattered by an appalling murder, but the man in the corner's efforts to shed light
on the mystery meet with her furious resistance.

05 The Dublin Mystery (44:20)

The Teahouse Detective is drawn into the case of a dying father, two sons and three wills.

06 The Edinburgh Mystery (44:04)

When an attractive woman is hired to take care of Lady Donaldson's ingenuous son, events
lead to betrayal and murder.

07 The Brighton Mystery (44:24)

An American heiress begins to get blackmail letters from the husband she thought was dead.

08 The London Mystery (43:45)

The mysterious man in the corner helps Polly when a gambler accused of murder seems to have
the perfect alibi.


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