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Monday, September 28, 2009

Jonathan Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon (OTRR Certified)


Jonathan Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon is a daily children’s series that ran between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 1938. The story begins with six year old Jonathan Thomas lying in bed on Christmas Eve with his teddy bear Guz. While he is lying in bed, two elves slide down a moonbeam into his room. Guz, his teddy bear, chases the elves back up the moonbeam and Jonathan Thomas follows in order to get his Guz back.

Upon reaching the moon, Jonathan Thomas meets the Man in the Moon and his horse Gorgonzola. After being accused of kidnapping Santa Claus, the troop is commanded to bring back him in time for Christmas.

On their adventure, they confront an evil witch, a dragon with thirteen tales, and they meet several characters from the Lewis Carol classic: Alice in Wonderland.





Earplay was the longest-running of the formal series of radio drama anthologies on National Public Radio, heard from 1972 into the 1990s. It approached radio drama as an art form with scripts written by such leading playwrights as Edward Albee, Arthur Kopit, Archibald MacLeish and David Mamet.

Airing in stereo, Earplay provided a showcase for original and adapted work. Eventually, the less-sustained successor series NPR Playhouse drew episodes from the Earplay run. Often presented by NPR member stations on a weekly basis, Earplay episodes were produced with much attention to recording technique and sound-effects.

In 1975, it scored a triumph with Listening, an original play written by Edward Albee for stereo radio, employing one speaker for one character and another speaker for another character. Since both characters are seated in a room, the illusion is created that they are in the same room as the listener. After its premiere on radio, Listening was later performed on stage.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Key, The


The Key was a mystery series from Australia that aired in the mid 1950's. Not much is known about the series. There  was an ad in the ABC Weekly 11 Dec 1957 and it named the scriptwriter as James Workman who is known as a pulp writer.

James Workman was educated in England and trained as a naval cadet. He spent three years in the London Metropolitan Police. Moving to South Africa, Workman enlisted with the Witwatersand Rifles and later joined a touring theatre company. He worked for the South African Broadcasting Commission as an announcer, scriptwriter and producer, occupations he continued to pursue after his move to Australia.

Titles with episode numbers

ep03 The Cellar
ep04 Alexis
ep11 Big Time Hoodlum
ep12 Close Shave
ep16 Seppi & Pancho
ep20 Years later
ep21 Showgirl Murdered
ep22 Sword Swallower
ep29 Robber Murdered
ep30 Two-timed
ep34 The Moon or bust
ep35 Escape Artist
ep37 93 year old man
ep38 Suicide
ep39 Gentleman Companion
ep42 Night prowler
ep43 Bank Robbery
ep51 The Ghost

Titles without episode numbers

Child Murderer
Dear John Letter
Extension of Time
Ghostly Organ
Lost in the Amazon
Playing Chicken
Subconscious Experiment
The Archeologist
The Deception
The Embezzler
Union Corruption
What happens when you die
Window Cleaner
Woman Beater
Woman Murdered.

Johnny Madero, Pier 23


Mystery series about a part-time private eye who ran a boat supply business out of Pier 23 along the Embarcadero in San Francisco's waterfront. This series ran from 4/24/47 to 9/4/47 on Mutual at 8pm on Thursdays and starred Jack Webb.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crime Does Not Pay


First Show: Oct 10, 1949
Last Show: Apr 11, 1951
Number Shows: 78

CRIME DOES NOT PAY was a series based on short films of the same name produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It was similar to Gangbusters, having a moralistic message about the law and lawbreaker. It was first heard over WMGM (NYC), hosted by Donald Buka. The last original show aired on Apr. 11, 1951.

The series started on Monday evenings at 7:30 PM (on WMGM) and held that time/day spot until Oct. 30, 1950. The 56'th show marked a change to Wednesday night, again at 7:30. After show number 78 (Apr. 11, 1951) the shows were repeated, starting with the first, "Kid With a Gun". The repeats followed the original order up until repeat of number 26, "Ingenious Woman" on Oct. 10, 1951. Repeats were not uncommon. Even before the last original show, older shows were repeated on alternate dates to the main series run.

On Jan. 7, 1952, the series moved to Mutual but lasted just one year. Only repeats of the original series were aired and show ordering did not match the first run. The show was heard on Dec. 22, 1952.

Log Comments:

Besides the broadcast dates shown in the log below, catalogs listed
broadcast dates one day after the dates in the log frequently.  This
may be because the shows may have been broadcast on different days
in different parts of the country.  An alphabetical list follows the
chronological log.

Chronological Log:

Date          Num  Title                            Star         Avail
------------  ---  -------------------------------  -----------  -----
                   ... Mondays 7:30 PM ...
Oct 10, 1949    1  "Kid With a Gun"                              yes
Oct 17, 1949    2  "All-American Fake"              S.Blackmer   yes
Oct 24, 1949    3  "Death is a Song"                Margo
Oct 31, 1949    4  "Kid Twist"                      W.Prince
Nov 07, 1949    5  "Trigger Man's Moll"             N.Kelly      yes
Nov 14, 1949    6  "Body of the Crime"              P.Fennelly   yes
Nov 21, 1949    7  "Summertime Take"                C.Korvin     yes
Nov 28, 1949    8  "Female of the Species"          K.Lynch      yes
Dec 05, 1949    9  "A Piece of Rope"                C.Mitchell   yes
Dec 12, 1949   10  "Gasoline Cocktail"              B.Lugosi     yes
Dec 19, 1949   11  "Dead Pigeon"                    M.McCormick  yes
Dec 26, 1949   12  "Glossy Finish"                  M.Gabel      yes
Jan 02, 1950   13  "Clothes Make the Woman"         J.Muir       yes
Jan 09, 1950   14  "Law of the Jungle"              A.Baxter     yes
Jan 16, 1950   15  "Speech is Silver"
Jan 23, 1950   16  "Devil in the Dar"               H.Dantine
Jan 30, 1950   17  "The Snatcher"
Feb 06, 1950   18  "Kid Sister"                     M.Hunt
Feb 13, 1950   19  "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow"   J.Beal       yes
Feb 20, 1950   20  "Death on the Doorstep"                       yes
Feb 27, 1950   21  "Kangaroo Court"                 R.Derr       yes
Mar 06, 1950   22  "What's in a Name"                            yes
Mar 13, 1950   23  "Death on Blake Street"                       yes
Mar 20, 1950   24  "Man Who Never Was Caught"                    yes
Mar 27, 1950   25  "Thick As Thieves"               E.Sloan      yes
Apr 03, 1950   26  "Ingenious Woman"                B.O'Niel     yes
Apr 10, 1950   27  "The Bagman"                     T.Keith
Apr 17, 1950   28  "The Rum Runner"
Apr 24, 1950   29  "Visiting Fireman"               A.Whelan
May 01, 1950   30  "Six, Two and Seven"             A.Ryder
May 08, 1950   31  "Don't Write, Telephone"         J.LaRue      yes
May 15, 1950   32  "Between Dark and the Daylight"  L.Stander    yes
May 22, 1950   33  "Second Hand Pistols"            R.Colman     yes
May 29, 1950   34  "Imported Headache"                           yes
Jun 05, 1950   35  "Fishmongers Fortune"            G.Reeves
Jun 12, 1950   36  "Short Circuit"
Jun 19, 1950   37  "Clip Joint"                                  yes
Jun 26, 1950   38  "Professor Pulls the Switch"     J.Loder      yes
Jul 03, 1950   39  "The Lady Loves Kittens"         A.Lee        yes
Jul 10, 1950   40  "Once Too Often"                              yes
Jul 17, 1950   41  "Burglar Alarm"                  B.Furness    yes
Jul 24, 1950   42  "Horseshoes Are For Buck"        N.Hamilton   yes
Jul 31, 1950   43  "Beauty and the Beast"           E.Sloan      yes
Aug 07, 1950   44  "Giddyap Horsie"                 R.Webb       yes
Aug 14, 1950   45  "The Gangster Was a Lady"                     yes
Aug 21, 1950   46  "Murder Makes Book"              J.Wiseman    yes
Aug 28, 1950   47  "Father's Day"                   R.Hart       yes
Sep 04, 1950   48  "The Weak Spot"                               yes
Sep 11, 1950   49  "Horse Face"                                  yes
Sep 18, 1950   50  "They Gotta Have What to Eat?"   H.MacMahon   yes
Sep 25, 1950       ... no show ...
Oct 02, 1950   51  "Sucker's Bait"                  E.Bagley
Oct 09, 1950   52  "Riggers Racket"
Oct 16, 1950   53  "Voice of Death"                 J.Loder      yes
Oct 23, 1950   54  "The Recruit"                                 yes
Oct 30, 1950   55  "Escort For Hire"                             yes

                   ... Wednesdays 7:30 PM ...
Nov 08, 1950   56  "The Big Book"                   D.Curtis     yes
Nov 15, 1950   57  "Mow the Man"                    W.Wilson     yes
Nov 22, 1950   58  "The Celluloid Candle"           R.Forbes     yes
Nov 29, 1950   59  "The Doll"                       S.Haden      yes
Dec 06, 1950   60  "Kid Shive"                      D.Moore      yes
Dec 13, 1950   61  "Two Gun Annie"                  J.Lorring    yes
Dec 20, 1950   62  "Strange Token"                  M.Carnovsky  yes
Dec 27, 1950   63  "Building Blocks"                R.Dere       yes
Jan 03, 1951   64  "Death on the Upgrade"           D.Woods      yes
Jan 10, 1951   65  "Edge of the Desert"             H.Woods      yes
Jan 17, 1951   66  "Cards and Spades"               S.Douglas    yes
Jan 24, 1951   67  "The Old Mob Goes"               I.Kieth      yes
Jan 31, 1951   68  "Love is not All"                R.Forbes     yes
Feb 07, 1951   69  "Heir Apparent"                  P.Reed       yes
Feb 14, 1951   70  "Carnival Frail"                 D.Barrymore  yes
Feb 21, 1951   71  "Rough Customer"                 J.Shelton    yes
Feb 28, 1951   72  "For Sweet Charity"              R.Brent      yes
Mar 07, 1951   73  "Operation Payroll"              H.Vermelyea  yes
Mar 14, 1951   74  "Diamond Trumped"                R.Meeker     yes
Mar 21, 1951   75  "Through the Hoop"               U.O'Conner   yes
Mar 28, 1951   76  "Plug-Ugly"                      E.Ryan       yes
Apr 04, 1951   77  "Front, Boy"                     B.Fletcher   yes
Apr 11, 1951   78  "Violets, Sweet Violets"         R.Lowery     yes

Alphabetical List:

        Title                            Date      Num
        -------------------------------  --------  ---
        All-American Fake                49-10-17    2
        Bagman, The                      50-04-10   27
        Beauty and the Beast             50-07-31   43
        Between Dark and the Daylight    50-05-15   32
        Big Book, The                    50-11-08   56
        Body of the Crime                49-11-14    6
        Building Blocks                  50-12-27   63
        Burglar Alarm                    50-07-17   41
        Cards and Spades                 51-01-17   66
        Carnival Frail                   51-02-14   70
        Celluloid Candle, The            50-11-22   58
        Clip Joint                       50-06-19   37
        Clothes Make the Woman           50-01-02   13
        Dead Pigeon                      49-12-19   11
        Death is a Song                  49-10-24    3
        Death on Blake Street            50-03-13   23
        Death on the Doorstep            50-02-20   20
        Death on the Upgrade             51-01-03   64
        Devil in the Dar                 50-01-23   16
        Diamond Trumped                  51-03-14   74
        Doll, The                        50-11-29   59
        Don't Write, Telephone           50-05-08   31
        Edge of the Desert               51-01-10   65
        Escort For Hire                  50-10-30   55
        Father's Day                     50-08-28   47
        Female of the Species            49-11-28    8
        Fishmongers Fortune              50-06-05   35
        For He's a Jolly Good Fellow     50-02-13   19
        For Sweet Charity                51-02-28   72
        Front, Boy                       51-04-04   77
        Gangster Was a Lady, The         50-08-14   45
        Gasoline Cocktail                49-12-12   10
        Giddyap Horsie                   50-08-07   44
        Glossy Finish                    49-12-26   12
        Heir Apparent                    51-02-07   69
        Horse Face                       50-09-11   49
        Horseshoes Are For Buck          50-07-24   42
        Imported Headache                50-05-29   34
        Ingenious Woman                  50-04-03   26
        Kangaroo Court                   50-02-27   21
        Kid Shive                        50-12-06   60
        Kid Sister                       50-02-06   18
        Kid Twist                        49-10-31    4
        Kid With a Gun                   49-10-10    1
        Lady Loves Kittens, The          50-07-03   39
        Law of the Jungle                50-01-09   14
        Love is not All                  51-01-31   68
        Man Who Never Was Caught         50-03-20   24
        Mow the Man                      50-11-15   57
        Murder Makes Book                50-08-21   46
        Old Mob Goes, The                51-01-24   67
        Once Too Often                   50-07-10   40
        Operation Payroll                51-03-07   73
        Piece of Rope, A                 49-12-05    9
        Plug-Ugly                        51-03-28   76
        Professor Pulls the Switch       50-06-26   38
        Recruit, The                     50-10-23   54
        Riggers Racket                   50-10-09   52
        Rough Customer                   51-02-21   71
        Rum Runner, The                  50-04-17   28
        Second Hand Pistols              50-05-22   33
        Short Circuit                    50-06-12   36
        Six, Two and Seven               50-05-01   30
        Snatcher, The                    50-01-30   17
        Speech is Silver                 50-01-16   15
        Strange Token                    50-12-20   62
        Sucker's Bait                    50-10-02   51
        Summertime Take                  49-11-21    7
        They Gotta Have What to Eat?     50-09-18   50
        Thick As Thieves                 50-03-27   25
        Through the Hoop                 51-03-21   75
        Trigger Man's Moll               49-11-07    5
        Two Gun Annie                    50-12-13   61
        Violets, Sweet Violets           51-04-11   78
        Visiting Fireman                 50-04-24   29
        Voice of Death                   50-10-16   53
        Weak Spot, The                   50-09-04   48
        What's in a Name                 50-03-06   22

19 Nocturne Boulevard


19 Nocturne Boulevard is an awesome Audio Drama anthology series, presenting half hour tales of terror, suspense, humor, and madness, in the grand tradition of such classic radio shows as Lights' Out, Quiet Please, and more recent TV shows like The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt.

View: 19 Nocturne Boulevard


Curtain Time


Curtain Time had two separate runs on radio. The fist run was sponsored by General Mills from 1937 to 1939 and the second aired from 1945 to 1950, sponsored by the Mars Candy Co.

Interesting is that this romantic drama had a theater setting and announcements with the announcer shouting "tickets please". Many of the episodes were romantic stories where a boy meets his dream girl and what happens afterwards.

Announcer for the series was Harry Halcomb who was later known best for his appearances on the 60 minutes television show.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Defense Attorney

Defense Attorney ran from 1951 to 1952 and starred Denise McCambridge as Martha Ellis Bryant, defense attorney who would go out of her way to prove their innocence if they were innocent.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mercury Theater


THE MERCURY THEATER ON THE AIR was first heard as a Summer series of nine shows, on CBS affiliated stations and in Canada on the CBC. It was the first time a theater company brought drama to the radio. The shows featured hour-long dramatizations of classic books. It was produced and directed by Orson Welles, who also acted in the main roles, probably one of the most versatile and creative talents in  the history of entertainment.

When the Summer series ended with "The Man Who Was Thursday" on Sept. 5, 1938, CBS continued to sustain the series, until Dec. 4 of that year. It was during this time that the best known show from this series, in fact, the best known radio show in radio's history, was broadcast, the radio adaptation of H.G. Wells' "The War of the  Worlds".

The series didn't end on Dec. 4. At the conclusion of the Nov. 6  show, Mr. Welles announced that the Campbell's Soup Company would  become sponsor. The series changed its name to THE CAMPBELL  PLAYHOUSE and moved from Sunday to Friday. On December 9, 1938,  the first show of the new series aired on Friday at 8:00 PM.

The same creative staff stayed on, but the show had a different flavor under sponsorship. This was partially due to a guest star policy which relegated the Mercury Players to supporting roles. There was a growing schism between Welles, still reaping the rewards of his Halloween night notoriety, and Houseman, who became more like an employee than a partner. The primary writer, as during the unsponsored run, was Howard Koch.

On June 7, 1946, The Mercury Theater made one last appearence on  radio. This was for a Summer series, THE MERCURY SUMMER THEATER.  Unlike the 1938 Summer series, these shows were only 30 minutes in  length. Compare titles to the other Orson Welles series. Six shows  were 30 minute versions of shows of 1938. "I'm a Fool", one story of  two in the broadcast of August 23, was also used in 1938. A total  of 15 shows were broadcast.

You'll also find one of the best-remembered shows in this series, "The Hitchhiker". First done in 1941 in the Mercury Theater series, this show appeared in SUSPENSE, on September 2, 1942 and even stared Orsen Welles. It appears in many OTR "must-have" lists.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Inspector Thorne


NBC aired a British crime drama in 1951 called INSPECTOR THORNE that starred Karl Weber as the inspector. Danny Ocko played Police Sgt. Muggio. About 11 shows exist.

Fridays 9:00 - 9:30 pm till 9-6-51.............Then Thursdays 9:00 - 9:30 pm

The series was short-lived and also had two stars portraying the lead. The first was Karl Weber and the second was Staats Cotsworth.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Heartbeat Theater


Heartbeat Theater (1956 - 1985) was the last live, regularly scheduled radio drama produced in Hollywood. The first one was produced in December of 1955 and released in March, 1956. I think Preston Foster was in the first one. Raymond Burr did some, Greer Garson--everyone's done a 'Heartbeat' at one time or another. All sorts of famous people appeared on the show.

The Salvation Army saved "Heartbeat" in 1977 with its plan to update sound effects and dramatize social issues. After the 1977 transformation, Hills' new "Heartbeat Theater" wallowed in prostitution, incest and homosexuality with the regularity of a 1980s TV sitcom. At one point, Hills had to discourage an overenthusiastic would-be TV writer from submitting "Heartbeat" plays with a Kojak-like Salvation Army captain climaxing final acts by chasing down villains in a squad car.

The final show, featuring Daws Butler and hosted by "Days of Our Lives" soap-opera doctor MacDonald Carey, was taped Oct. 10, 1985 at Studio House in Hollywood, just after producers George Galbraith and Don Hills got word that the Salvation Army had written them out of their 1985 budget.

Hills, who cranked out 52 morality tales a year for the show, said the Salvation Army spent half its annual media budget on keeping the half-hour drama alive for the 500 U.S. radio stations on the "Heartbeat" distribution list.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bold Venture


Bold Venture is a 1951-1952 syndicated radio series starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Morton Fine and David Friedkin scripted the taped series for Bogart's Santana Productions.

Salty seadog Slate Shannon (Bogart) owns a Cuban hotel sheltering an assortment of treasure hunters, revolutionaries and other shady characters. With his sidekick and ward, the sultry Sailor Duval (Bacall), tagging along, he encounters modern-day pirates and other tough situations while navigating the waters around Havana. Aboard his boat, the Bold Venture, Slate and Sailor experience "adventure, intrigue, mystery and romance in the sultry settings of tropical Havana and the mysterious islands of the Caribbean."

Calypso singer King Moses (Jester Hairston) provided musical bridges by threading plot situations into the lyrics of his songs. Music by David Rose. Beginning March 26, 1951, the Frederic W. Ziv Company syndicated 78 episodes. Other sources claim that the 78 episodes include reruns, and that there were only around 30 episodes. Heard on 423 stations, the 30-minute series earned $4000 weekly for Bogart and Bacall.

Check the Fills and Working on section for upgrades and new episodes found.

First Lines

01.  Alright sailor, Havana, Cuba...
02.  You can't tell much about Havana with a boat tied to it...
03.  (song) No people come to Shannon's place the cash register...
04.  You won't regret this, Mr. Shannon, you see you'll won't... (Bollock)
05.  (song)  Now in Havana, there is a hotel... (mentions Cincinnati early)
06.  (hahaha)  I just told you that hotel joke...
07.  One thing I don't understand, Mr. Johnson...
08.  (song)  In Shannon's Place do many dwell the pretty, the ugly...
09.  (tire screech) Watch it sailor, that's the second time in two blocks...
10.  (whistles)  You sound happy, Mr. Calvert... Oh, I am...
11.  Is your name Slate Shannon  That's right and this is Miss Duval...
12.  Ah, Slate, you should have been with us...
13.  Ah, that doesn't do it either, sailor, it's a two motored plane...
14.  Da da da dum, da da da dum... (Slate singing) Hey Slate!
15.  Where are you Slate  Stop yelling in my ear...
16.  Take the wheel sailor...
17.  (song) Shannon's Place, a sight to see new table clothes...
18.  Slate, I just had a thought.  Well, keep it...
19.  (song) The thing to consider when you got to sleep is the bed...
20.  Slate, wake up!  Come on, wake up!  (yawn) go away...
21.  (song) I offer information to all who heed  If a recuperation...
22.  Sailor, let go of the wheel for awhile...
23  (haha) I don't see anything funny...
24.  Sailor, come here.  How much do you want me
25.  And here, Sailor, we see Moral Castle, the famous fort guarding...
26.  (song)  Mr. Slate, he hold he head in he hand...
27.  Jade!  Jade!
28.  How soon will Slate be back, Miss Duval?
29.  That’s enough, Sailor, I can’t run any further
30.  Give me another handful of confetti, Sailor
31.  The next time I come to the bank to make a deposit, Sailor
32.  Now look, Mrs. Baker
33.  This is a dirty night to be out on the ocean, Slate
34.  Sailor, can you think of anything else to put in this letter to our former guests?
35.  You busy, Slate?  I’m all finished, come in
36.   36. (song) In the Carribees, is a city of grace/ with pretty women all wrapped in black lace
37.  Well, I don’t think it’s a lot to ask you to do, Mr. Shannon
38.  (song) To Havana city, the pleasure dome/ come fellows with wives
39.  Aww, Sailor, now there’s a sight that goes to his heart
40.  Awwww, rock me sailor.
41  We ought to do this more often, Slate, You like window shopping?
42.  Aww Slate, Trajiho.  Aren’t the lights beautiful?
43.  Can you lift his feet, Sailor?
44.  (song) In Cuba de grow da banana tree/ tree for you, banana for me
45.  You’ve been walking the wrong way.  Mr. John Bradford’s place is
46.  Mr. Slate, I have...  What’s wrong, King?
47.  Oh Joy,  Oh, Joy
48.  Feels good, huh, Sailor?
49.  A week, a whole week back in civilization.  You don’t know what it means
50.  If I wasn’t so tired, Slate, I’d take what’s left to the night to thank you
51.  Out of gas, huh?
52.  Come on, Slate, stop dragging.  Take another hitch in your trenchcoat
53   "You know the trouble with you, Sailor?"
54   (laughter)  "Oh, Mrs. Moyer, you're just a whiz-bang, that's all!"
55. Sailor, stand still a minute. I want you to slip into this.
56. {ha-ha-ha} Aww. What’ll they think of next?

Broadcast Dates

BV - ALL broadcast dates (by newspaper3).htm


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