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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bold Venture


Bold Venture is a 1951-1952 syndicated radio series starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Morton Fine and David Friedkin scripted the taped series for Bogart's Santana Productions.

Salty seadog Slate Shannon (Bogart) owns a Cuban hotel sheltering an assortment of treasure hunters, revolutionaries and other shady characters. With his sidekick and ward, the sultry Sailor Duval (Bacall), tagging along, he encounters modern-day pirates and other tough situations while navigating the waters around Havana. Aboard his boat, the Bold Venture, Slate and Sailor experience "adventure, intrigue, mystery and romance in the sultry settings of tropical Havana and the mysterious islands of the Caribbean."

Calypso singer King Moses (Jester Hairston) provided musical bridges by threading plot situations into the lyrics of his songs. Music by David Rose. Beginning March 26, 1951, the Frederic W. Ziv Company syndicated 78 episodes. Other sources claim that the 78 episodes include reruns, and that there were only around 30 episodes. Heard on 423 stations, the 30-minute series earned $4000 weekly for Bogart and Bacall.

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First Lines

01.  Alright sailor, Havana, Cuba...
02.  You can't tell much about Havana with a boat tied to it...
03.  (song) No people come to Shannon's place the cash register...
04.  You won't regret this, Mr. Shannon, you see you'll won't... (Bollock)
05.  (song)  Now in Havana, there is a hotel... (mentions Cincinnati early)
06.  (hahaha)  I just told you that hotel joke...
07.  One thing I don't understand, Mr. Johnson...
08.  (song)  In Shannon's Place do many dwell the pretty, the ugly...
09.  (tire screech) Watch it sailor, that's the second time in two blocks...
10.  (whistles)  You sound happy, Mr. Calvert... Oh, I am...
11.  Is your name Slate Shannon  That's right and this is Miss Duval...
12.  Ah, Slate, you should have been with us...
13.  Ah, that doesn't do it either, sailor, it's a two motored plane...
14.  Da da da dum, da da da dum... (Slate singing) Hey Slate!
15.  Where are you Slate  Stop yelling in my ear...
16.  Take the wheel sailor...
17.  (song) Shannon's Place, a sight to see new table clothes...
18.  Slate, I just had a thought.  Well, keep it...
19.  (song) The thing to consider when you got to sleep is the bed...
20.  Slate, wake up!  Come on, wake up!  (yawn) go away...
21.  (song) I offer information to all who heed  If a recuperation...
22.  Sailor, let go of the wheel for awhile...
23  (haha) I don't see anything funny...
24.  Sailor, come here.  How much do you want me
25.  And here, Sailor, we see Moral Castle, the famous fort guarding...
26.  (song)  Mr. Slate, he hold he head in he hand...
27.  Jade!  Jade!
28.  How soon will Slate be back, Miss Duval?
29.  That’s enough, Sailor, I can’t run any further
30.  Give me another handful of confetti, Sailor
31.  The next time I come to the bank to make a deposit, Sailor
32.  Now look, Mrs. Baker
33.  This is a dirty night to be out on the ocean, Slate
34.  Sailor, can you think of anything else to put in this letter to our former guests?
35.  You busy, Slate?  I’m all finished, come in
36.   36. (song) In the Carribees, is a city of grace/ with pretty women all wrapped in black lace
37.  Well, I don’t think it’s a lot to ask you to do, Mr. Shannon
38.  (song) To Havana city, the pleasure dome/ come fellows with wives
39.  Aww, Sailor, now there’s a sight that goes to his heart
40.  Awwww, rock me sailor.
41  We ought to do this more often, Slate, You like window shopping?
42.  Aww Slate, Trajiho.  Aren’t the lights beautiful?
43.  Can you lift his feet, Sailor?
44.  (song) In Cuba de grow da banana tree/ tree for you, banana for me
45.  You’ve been walking the wrong way.  Mr. John Bradford’s place is
46.  Mr. Slate, I have...  What’s wrong, King?
47.  Oh Joy,  Oh, Joy
48.  Feels good, huh, Sailor?
49.  A week, a whole week back in civilization.  You don’t know what it means
50.  If I wasn’t so tired, Slate, I’d take what’s left to the night to thank you
51.  Out of gas, huh?
52.  Come on, Slate, stop dragging.  Take another hitch in your trenchcoat
53   "You know the trouble with you, Sailor?"
54   (laughter)  "Oh, Mrs. Moyer, you're just a whiz-bang, that's all!"
55. Sailor, stand still a minute. I want you to slip into this.
56. {ha-ha-ha} Aww. What’ll they think of next?

Broadcast Dates

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  1. Brilliant work you are doing here putting these otr shows up for anyone to enjoy for free, thanks very much for your hard work as I enjoy this web-site and what it offers immensely



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