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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Shadow

The Shadow is a collection of serialized dramas, originally on 1930s radio and then in a wide variety of media, that follow the exploits of the title character, a crime-fighting vigilante with psychic powers.

Shadow, The - Australian


  1. 'The Destroyer' has always been one of my favorite Shadow episodes, if only because they actually used the cliche 'Man shot as he was about to reveal the killer's name'. The funny part is that the Shadow deduced the Destroyer's identity only after he murdered all the other suspects.

  2. There is about 200 episodes here. I think the total existing episodes is about 240 to 250. The "The Witch Of The Crescent Moon" is two parts. I think only one exists? Its very sad they did not keep copies of all of them. I realize that tape was very expensive back then and they just reused it writing over the previous episode. Of all the radio programs I have listened to these are the best!

  3. @ Anonymous Aug 2014: It wasn't that tapes were lost or recorded over. Indeed, tape wasn't even commercially available until the latter part of the 1940s. The only reason any of the shows survive at all is the nature of the Mutual network. The main network proper consisted of just a few dozen stations. In order to place the program on stations outside that network, Mutual often had to turn to stations affiliated with other networks. Such stations frequently could not clear the live feed because of their primary network commitments. As a result, Mutual transcribed the first several seasons of the more familiar version of the character's run to air on these stations in available slots. Thus, nearly all of those seasons survive. As Mutual expanded, however, and especially as RKO/Don Lee affiliated with Mutual on the west coast, the vast majority of US markets were able (and, in fact, obligated) to carry the live feed. As such, there as no longer a need for transcriptions. Some of the later shows exist because someone directly involved with them wanted transcriptions produced (and paid for them out of their own pockets), but this occurred only spottily in the latter 1940s and barely seems to have been done at all thereafter.

    1. Thanks for the info.. What did they use for recording them?

  4. "death prowls at night" has haunted my dreams since i was 6 years old - but I can listed to it over and over again!!



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