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Thursday, March 28, 2013

PURSUIT (CBS 1949 - 1952)


PURSUIT (CBS 1949 - 1952) was a detective series that presented the cases of the fictional Scotland Yard Inspector Peter Black. (The leading character was called Inspector Harvey in the audition show and the first episode.) The Inspector was a dedicated policeman, a man hunter, who once on the case, would not rest until the wrongdoer was brought to justice. Black was assisted in cases by Sgt. Moffet.

The series was unusual in that it featured dual narration. Starting in the Spring of 1950, Bill Johnstone provided the opening and closing narrations and sometimes, bridges between commercials. Inspector Black furnished the change of scenes and overall case narrations.

Standard Opening: Spoken by the Narrator:

"PURSUIT. "A criminal strikes and fades quickly back into
the shadow of his own dark world. . . and then, the man
from Scotland Yard, the famous Inspector Peter Black, and
the relentless, dangerous pursuit. . When man hunts man!"

Ted de Corsia as Inspector Harvey (10/27/1949 episode only)
As Inspector Peter Black:
Ted de Corsia (11/03/1949 - 04/18/1950)
John Dehner (04/25/1950, and 07/01/1950 - 07/22/1950)
Herb Butterfield (05/02/1950)
Ben Wright (07/10/1951 - 03/25/1952)
Raymond Lawrence as Sergeant Moffet
Bill Johnstone as Chief Inspector Harkness/Narrator
By OTR-logs Stewart Wright


1 comment:

  1. The text log for PURSUIT is out-of-date and is longer being maintained.

    A PDF version of the PURSUIT log by Stewart Wright is UP-TO-DATE and includes listings of more AVAILABLE shows.
    This Updated PURSUIT log can be found at:



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